Glazing machine

Glazing machine

Glazing machine is a modern device used for fast and effective decoration of confectionary products such as chocolate or other glaze.

Laying the mixture is done through curtain technique. The stream of mixture can be full or string (decoration can be plain or string). Products can be decorated separately or in bulk on baking sheets up to 60 cm in width. Best quality hygienic cam pump was used in this device. It does not require dismantling for washing since it has a pump self cleaning programme. All elements that have contact with food or glaze are hygienic and suitable for dishwashers-teflon hopper, overflow and filters. Smooth adjustment of the glaze width and gauge is possible due to the pump efficiency control, also thanks to the electronic control of the transporting line.

  • Efficiency – up to 8000 pieces per hour,
  • Industrial construction enables 24 hours per day work.

Advantages of glazing machines

  • Made of acidproof steel,
  • Has self cleaning hygienic cam pump,
  • All elements that have contact with food are made of teflon,
  • The construction of this device is easy and hygienic for fast and comfortable using, also for cleaning and servicing,
  • Allow to save the amount of glaze and time necessary for confectionary products decoration.
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