The system of heat recycling
from baking stoves

The system of heat recycling from baking stoves.

An ecological alternative for secondary use of energy and for energy reduction in a bakery.

In the era of costs of energy and fuel constantly going up the issue of the costs reduction arises. Perspectively thinking, it is impossible to disagree with the opinion that the devices that enable us to save energy are worth investing in, but also in secondary devices to lower the costs of production and improve companys’ profitability.

Using modern devices for energy recycling can raise stove energy efficiency with the simultaneous heat use to warm running water and for central heating enhancement . We lower the demand for additional heating furnace, eliminating additional costs of energy and reducing the exhaust emission.

Our devices are ecological and allow to make use of energy in an efficient way:

  • Chimney heat exchanger (using of heat exhaled to a stove vent).
  • Steam condenser (using the heat of steam at the moment of evaporation in a technological process).

Chimney heat exchanger–a device installed in combustion chimney. Hot exhausts roaming through the heat exchanger give off energy through a cartridge in the exchanger. The exchanger is entirely made of stainless steel, with a wide surface of exchange. This system is protected by an additional bypass omitting the heating element. Over 75% of heat from exhausts is retrieved and distributed by water circulating in the installation. This heat is directly passed on to heat running water gathered in buffer containers. The amount of sulphur in exhausts is reduced owing to the effect of condensation in the exchanger.This solution contributes to lower toxic substances emission.

Steam condenser is a device installed in the exhaust canal. The heat for water evaporation essential in the process of baking is retrieved again at the moment of water condensation. The heat included in it is transmitted to water through a stainless element in a condensator. The lower the temperature of the circulation and the cleaner the vapour is, the bigger the heating effect. In case of a stove that covers the area of 10 m 30 litres of water undergo evaporation-depending on the product baked, a substantial amount of steam can be obtained using the steam condensator. It is capable of retrieving up to 15 KW of energy per hor (it is the energy used to heat 320 litres from 10 to 50˚C)

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    Steam condensator

    Steam condensator - a device for heat recycling from steam at the moment of evaporation in a technological process.

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