for oily emulsion applying on casts

The line for oily emulsion applying

The line for oily emulsion applying is used for fast and precise covering of the casts and casting groups before baking – this eliminates the problem of sticking during the time of baking.

This device, due to its construction and other technical solutions, is characterized by low intake of oil. This line allows to save from 30 to 50 % of oily substances – it is the result of covering the casts with very thin layers of oil.

This machine substantially eliminates dusting during the process of oil application.

Low dusting of the device improves the hygiene and facilitates its operating.

Device servicing :for 2 people or the possibility of cooperation with the dough dosing lines.

Wydajność urządzenia:

Płynna regulacja taśm pozwala na regulację wydajności linii.

Maksymalna wydajność linii to około 5000 zespołów form na 1 godzinę.

Device capability:

Smooth regulation of tapes allows regulation of the line capability. Maximum capability of this line is around 5000 cast groups per hour.

Device dimensions:

  • length: 2000 mm
  • width : 1100 mm
  • height: 1500 mm

Power: 200 W

Operating options:

  1. analogue
  2. digital
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