for egg application on confectionery products

Line for applying egg

Professional line for applying egg, egg supplements and water or water from confectionery products – it uses very little egg, does not pollinate and substantially improves the working conditions around the line and makes the device servicing a lot easier.

The electronic system that steers the valves of the blast pipe allows to control dusting and the valves’ frequency of work –this solution eliminates the problem of valve clogging.

The valves have the option of egg quantity regulation, which eases and hastens the cleaning of this machine.

The stripe feeder is equipped with the option of speed regulation, which enables the device adjustment to the needs of every confectionery production.

The device is made of stainless steel and has a stainless container of 18 litres.

Device capability:

Smooth line regulation allows capability regulation. It also depends on kinds of products and ways of its feeding. Maximum capability of the line for egg spreading is around 10,000 pieces per hour.Bezdotykowy dozownik do dezynfekcji rąk

Device dimensions:

  • length: 1760 mm + 600 mm
  • width : 900 mm
  • height: 900 mm + 400 mm

Power: 200 W

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