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The company Eurotechnika manufactures devices for heat recycling, we also produce high quality industrial washers for baskets. The company was established in 2005.

The company’s aim is economy improvement and optimization of production processes in bakery works. The philosophy of economy is also the proecological solution, because its aim is to reduce media consumption in a manufacture through effective exploitation.

The first basic step to improve energetic efficiency in a manufacture is to apply solutions that enable taking advantage of the resources that have been lost so far. A chimney heat exchanger is undeniably a good example of such a device. It lowers the fumes temperature without any impact on stoves functioning. The heat retrieved is gathered in an accumulator, which can be used directly as hot running water buffer. It can be also used for central heating and other production purposes that use hot water.

The energy obtained in this way is absolutely for free and its reception takes place through improving energetic efficiency of a baking stove . It is both an economical and ecological solution. The effects of a chimney exchanger functioning are quickly observed in monthly bills reduced by the costs of heating running water and central heating.

  • Chimney exchanger +

    Chimney exchanger

    In the era of costs of energy constantly going up the issue of its alternative sources arises. Perspectively thinking, it

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  • Steam condensator +

    Steam condensator

    Steam condensator - a device for heat recycling from steam at the moment of evaporation in a technological process.

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  • Industrial washers +

    Industrial washer

    Industrial washer MK300/MK500 is a universal machine to clean baskets and other products. Products go through the washing tunnel on

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